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Meet Stefanie

Stefanie Hawk, a Cincinnati area native, was raised in Green Township and has been a resident of Cheviot since 2008. Serving as the Senior Designer / Project Director and Partner in a local design firm specializing in leisure entertainment design, Stefanie has journeyed across the globe to craft theme parks and attractions, spreading joy to people everywhere. Her expertise lies in master planning, programming, concept development, and client presentations.

With a background rooted in design, Stefanie has acquired extensive experience in navigating opposing viewpoints. This has honed her ability to be flexible in her approach, ensuring that the final project not only meets the clients' needs but also operates efficiently, stays within budget, and delivers the best possible experience for

“Witnessing a project come to life, evolving from a concept sketch to its grand opening, is immensely fulfilling for me. However, my greatest joy lies in observing the expressions on children's faces as they experience my work. It's a joy I aspire to continue, serving as a State Representative contributing to the community's growth and well-being.” – Stefanie Hawk


Several years ago, after coming across a news article calling for new volunteers to sustain the Harvest Home Fair, Stefanie embarked on her journey into community involvement. Remarkably, at the initial organizing meeting she attended, Stefanie took on the role of committee co-chair and has been actively engaged ever since. Not stopping there, she joined the Cheviot/Westwood Kiwanis club and now holds the position of President for the Harvest Home Fair Association and is already hard at work planning this year's fair.

During the first-year volunteering at the fair Stefanie connected with the wonderful individuals of the Westside Democratic Club. Swiftly becoming a member, she delved into local politics. In 2021, Stefanie earned a seat on Cheviot's City Council and secured another term as an At-Large Council Member in the recent November election. Beyond her council duties and fair involvement, Stefanie actively participates in the Cheviot Historical Society, Cheviot Business Alliance, Cheviot Police Association, and is a member of the Cheviot Eagles.

Inspired by her deep commitment to community engagement, Stefanie has decided to take the next step in her service to the west side by running for Ohio State Representative in District 30. With a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the district, Stefanie looks forward to the opportunity to contribute at the state level.

Stefanie proudly identifies as a Democrat, aligning her values with community, equality, freedom, and the belief that unity makes us stronger. As a passionate advocate, she will champion the success of small business owners, individual freedom, and human rights, emphasizing the principle that we are indeed better together.

In her role as a Councilmember in Cheviot, Stefanie dedicates herself to the improvement of the city, prioritizing the well-being of its citizens over partisan considerations. She brings a can-do attitude to her work, ensuring that partisanship doesn't hinder her commitment to doing what's best for the residents of Cheviot, and she intends to carry this approach to Columbus.

Profile Photo of Stefanie Hawk
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